Bajra Price Today in Sabalgarh Market

On this page, you will find the latest market rates of bajra in the Sabalgarh today. You can check here for the complete report on whether there has been an upward or downward trend in bajra prices in the past few days. The Sabalgarh market is located in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh state. As per latest reports, Sabalgarh market rate for bajra (Deshi) is 2121 Rs/Quintal to 2121 Rs/Quintal
Last Updated On 10-Apr-2024.

bajra Price in

Bajra Price Today in Sabalgarh Market

Update Date Commodity (Variety) Min. Price Max. Price
10-Apr-2024 Bajra (Deshi) 2121 Rs/Quintal 2121 Rs/Quintal
6-Apr-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2108 Rs/Quintal 2108 Rs/Quintal
3-Apr-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2182 Rs/Quintal 2200 Rs/Quintal
28-Mar-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2210 Rs/Quintal 2210 Rs/Quintal
22-Mar-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2255 Rs/Quintal 2290 Rs/Quintal
13-Mar-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2275 Rs/Quintal 2282 Rs/Quintal
8-Mar-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2283 Rs/Quintal 2283 Rs/Quintal
6-Mar-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2226 Rs/Quintal 2226 Rs/Quintal
5-Mar-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2210 Rs/Quintal 2212 Rs/Quintal
4-Mar-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2198 Rs/Quintal 2198 Rs/Quintal
27-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2230 Rs/Quintal 2230 Rs/Quintal
26-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price no change 2237 Rs/Quintal 2237 Rs/Quintal
23-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2237 Rs/Quintal 2239 Rs/Quintal
20-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2290 Rs/Quintal 2290 Rs/Quintal
19-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2238 Rs/Quintal 2240 Rs/Quintal
17-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2239 Rs/Quintal 2239 Rs/Quintal
16-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2241 Rs/Quintal 2243 Rs/Quintal
15-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2239 Rs/Quintal 2242 Rs/Quintal
14-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2232 Rs/Quintal 2232 Rs/Quintal
13-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2225 Rs/Quintal 2225 Rs/Quintal
12-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2244 Rs/Quintal 2244 Rs/Quintal
10-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2225 Rs/Quintal 2236 Rs/Quintal
9-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2224 Rs/Quintal 2228 Rs/Quintal
7-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2212 Rs/Quintal 2212 Rs/Quintal
6-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2208 Rs/Quintal 2208 Rs/Quintal
3-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2200 Rs/Quintal 2200 Rs/Quintal
2-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2207 Rs/Quintal 2207 Rs/Quintal
1-Feb-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2200 Rs/Quintal 2206 Rs/Quintal
31-Jan-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2207 Rs/Quintal 2208 Rs/Quintal
30-Jan-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price down 2212 Rs/Quintal 2212 Rs/Quintal
29-Jan-2024 Bajra (Deshi) price up 2242 Rs/Quintal 2247 Rs/Quintal


  • All Rates are Shown as quintal(100 Kg)
  • Rates subject to change
  • These rates are may or may not correct, consider these rates only to know position of market


Maximum Market Price of Bajra Today (10 Apr 2024) in Sabalgarh is 2121 Rs/Quintal.

Minimum Market Price of Bajra Today (10 Apr 2024) in Sabalgarh is 2121 Rs/Quintal.

Market Price of 1Kg Bajra Today (10 Apr 2024) in Sabalgarh is 21.21 Rs/Quintal.